Remember Remember that day in November, 2008.

Who leads this country? Marketing executives? Corporations? TV Show writers? Zeitgeist is pragmatic by nature, but what moon pulls the waves of culture?

Politicians, too often, are the litter on the beach after high tide. Last to the party. Remember, Sarah Palin did get votes, and did effect change. And was exposed as a dumbass. To move forward we must forgive the ignorant and unintelligent, because we all fall into those categories. There is no reason to fear being dumb, and being dumb is not forever. When we ridicule the ignorant, on a public platform, we hand them a mirror shaming them towards internal reflection at best, or id. The truly dumb sulk and lie and believe that if you say something often enough and loud enough it is true.

In our vast cultural sky, a satellite of transparency influence the ebb and flow of our collective beliefs.